Stranger in Paradise

by Robert B. Parker

A Jesse Stone Novel

Police Chief Jesse Stone faces his most fearsome adversary in the latest addition to the celebrated series.

The last time Jesse Stone, chief of police of Paradise, Massachusetts, saw Wilson "Crow" Cromartie, the Apache Indian hit man was racing away in a speedboat after executing one of the most lucrative and deadly heists in the town's history. Crow was part of a team of ex-cons who plotted to capture Stiles Island, the wealthy enclave off the Paradise coast, by blowing up the connecting bridge. Residents were kidnapped, some were killed, and Crow managed to escape with a boatload of cash, never to be seen again. Until now.

So when Crow shows up in Jesse's office some ten years after the crime, it's not to turn himself in. Crow is on another job, and this time he's asking for Jesse's help-by asking him to stay out of his way.

Crow's mission is simple: find young Amber Francisco and bring her back to her father, Louis, in Florida. It should be an easy payday for a pro like Crow, but there are complications. Amber, now living in squalor with her mother, Fiona, is mixed up with members of a Latino gang. And when Louis orders Crow to kill Fiona before heading back with Amber, he can't follow through. Crow may be a bad guy, but he doesn't kill women. It's up to Jesse to provide protection.

Meanwhile, Jesse's on-again, off-again relationship with ex-wife Jenn picks up steam as Jenn investigates the gang problem for her TV station. As they dig deeper, the danger escalates. The life of a young girl hangs in the balance, and saving Amber could be the miracle Jesse and Jenn need for themselves, too.


"Listeners should enjoy James Naughton's clean and crisp way of bringing fictional characters to life. His performance alone is worth the price of admission. He makes Stone's wisecracks understandable and pungent."
Publishers Weekly (on audio edition)

"Stone is a welcome addition to Parker's stable."
The Boston Globe

"...teams up two action heroes who were born to fight on the same side. Crow is Hawk, the enforcer in Parker's better-known Spenser series before he was housebroken—which allows Jesse to be Spenser...they talk the guy talk that is music to our ears."
The New York Times

"Robert B. Parker is that rarity—a prolific author whose books are consistently original, suspenseful and fascinating. His crackling dialogue is always fresh and smart-alecky. His sparse prose makes Hemingway seem like a windbag. You don't have to work to get into Parkers's books. You're happily hooked before you know it."

"Jesse Stone...grapples with a criminal's return in bestseller Parker's sizzling seventh novel to feature the Paradise, Mass. police chief...Stone and Crow make an appealing odd couple as they first warily size each other up then become grudging allies in the pursuit of justice."
Publishers Weekly

"Like Spenser...Stone is absolutely undeterrable in his investigations...The plot ricochets through a classic double standoff, held together by the fate of the young woman Comartie seeks."

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paperback | Putnam | 2008 | ISBN: 9780425226285