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Bob and his sons, Daniel (left) and David (center), at the Parker’s 50th wedding anniversary party on October 13, 2006.

A remarkable letter that really needs no caption.

Bob’s love for Joan knew no bounds. His feelings for her singing were a bit different, even at their 50th Anniversary party.

Significant birthday and anniversary parties always included performances by the Parker sons. Bob was ever the proud father as he watched them.

The dashing young editor of the Prudential Insurance Company’s magazine for Northeastern Home Office agents.

When fan mail became too much to handle, Bob’s form letter was quintessential Parker.

Pearl the Wonder Dog (III) in the summer of 2011, with an obviously adoring fan.

Long before Spenser made his first wisecrack, Bob found outlets for his wit. Here is his classic letter of resignation from the Prudential Insurance Company.

Daniel, Joan and David celebrate at Joan’s/Bob’s birthday party in 2002.

Any question about what inspired Bob to write “Love & Glory?”


Joan and Bob swapped poems on special occasions. Here, Joan reads the exchange written to honor their 25th wedding anniversary.

Bob loved the music of the forties and fifties and considered himself to be a potential threat to Andy Williams and others. Here he is with son Daniel on a track from Dan's 2008 CD, "Songs that Spenser Taught Me."