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Robert B. Parker's Blackjack

Robert B. Parker's

by Robert Knott

A Virgil Cole/Everett Hitch Novel

Itinerant lawmen Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch return in the gritty new installment of the New York Times-bestselling series.

Appaloosa, the hometown of Territorial Marshals Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, continues to prosper, but with prosperity comes a slew of new trouble: carpetbaggers, gamblers, migrants, peddlers, drifters, thieves, and whores, all boiling in a cauldron of excess and greed. And there's a new menace in town: a wealthy, handsome easterner—and the owner of Appaloosa's new casino—Boston Bill Black. Read more...

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Always Fresh and Entertaining

Robert B. Parker books have entertained and inspired millions of readers with stories and characters that never grow out of date. Their wit is legendary and their themes are universal.

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Robert B. Parker's Debt to Pay, by Reed Farrell Coleman
Robert B. Parker's 
Debt to Pay Excerpt

Robert B. Parker's
Debt to Pay

by Reed Farrel Coleman

A Jesse Stone Novel

The brilliant new novel in Robert B. Parker's New York Times-bestselling series featuring police chief Jesse Stone.

All is quiet in Paradise, except for a spate of innocuous vandalism. Good thing, too, because Jesse Stone is preoccupied with the women in his life, both past and present. As his ex-wife Jenn is about to marry a Dallas real-estate tycoon, Jesse isn't too sure his relationship with former FBI agent Diana Evans is built to last. But those concerns get put on the back burner when a major Boston crime boss is brutally murdered. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Jesse suspects it's the work of Mr. Peepers, a psychotic assassin who has caused trouble for Jesse in the past. Read more...

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Robert B. Parker's Slow Burn, by Ace Atkins
Robert B. Parker's 
Slow Burn Excerpt

Robert B. Parker's
Slow Burn

by Ace Atkins

A Spenser Novel

Boston PI Spenser faces a hot case and a personal crisis in the latest adventure in the iconic New York Times-bestselling series from author Ace Atkins.

The fire at a boarded-up Catholic church raged hot and fast, lighting up Boston's South End and killing three firefighters who were trapped in the inferno. A year later, as the city prepares to honor their sacrifice, there are still no answers about how the deadly fire started. Most at the department believe it was just a simple accident: faulty wiring in a century-old building. But Boston firefighter Jack McGee, who lost his best friend in the blaze, suspects arson. Read more...

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