School Days

by Robert B. Parker

A Spenser Novel

The celebrated series continues as a troubled teenager accused of a horrific crime draws Spenser into one of the most desperate cases of his career.

Lily Ellsworth—erect, firm, white-haired, and stylish—is the grand dame of Dowling, Massachusetts, and possesses an iron will and a bottomless purse. When she hires Spenser to investigate her grandson Jared Clark's alleged involvement in a school shooting, Spenser is led into an inquiry that grows more harrowing at every turn. Though seven people were killed in cold blood, and despite Jared's being named as a co-conspirator by the other shooter, Mrs. Ellsworth is convinced of her grandson's innocence. Jared's parents are resigned to his fate, and the boy himself doesn't seem to care whether he goes to prison for a crime he might not have committed.


"Spenser fans...will be thrilled to have their wise-cracking Boston private-eye back again.
New York Post

"...another solid installment in this fine, enduring series."
Publishers Weekly

"As usual Spenser, by his own admission, is "persistent and fearless and reasonable"...there's more than enough discomfort to go around in this case. There's also moral ambiguity and answers...another rewarding novel in an almost always excellent series."

"Robert B. Parker's latest Spenser mystery, School Days, is what we might expect from a master of murderous irony who has held cracked mirrors up to our frazzled society for 32 years...The two-fisted P.I. is in good form and his creator in fine fettle here."
Los Angeles Times

"Fast paced, breezy dialogue and the protagonist's trademark dry-wit makes for another delightful reading experience in the long running Spenser series. Robert B. Parker is at the top of his game in this exciting private investigative tale that examines how a Columbine type action could happen and where the blame should be placed. Fans of this series won't be disappointed in School Days, one of the best and most timely books Mr. Parker has ever written."
The Midwest Book Review

"The best Spenser novel since Early Autumn...Parker has given his hero a case that is worthy of him."
Associated Press (NYT)

"Devotees will delight in Parker's crackling prose and juicy repartee. B-"
Entertainment Weekly

"Like a lot of big, strong men built for heavy work, Robert B. Parker's hero, Spenser, has been known to goof off on the job when he's bored. But the Boston private eye redeems himself in School Days, energized by a case that demands more brains than braggadocio and challenged by a client who could really use a hero."
New York Times Book Review

"Spenser returns! He fights, he flirts, he cooks, he wisecracks, he quotes poetry! This thirty-third outing for the Boston private eye is one of the most psychologically astute and well-choreographed entries in the entire series...a high point in one of the genre's classic series."
Booklist (starred review)

"Any new installment in Parker's long-running series starring rough, wisecracking Boston PI Spenser is a pleasure...As always, Spenser solves the case in a surprising manner, shoots some bad guys and has several attractive women offer him sex, all of which he handles in his proficient, wisenheimer way...Those who have struck with Spenser...will be rewarded once again with another solid installment in this fine, enduring series."
Publishers Weekly

"Parker socks another home run with a tale ripped from not-so-recent headlines...Spenser's most wide-ranging, deeply felt and penetrating case in years, one that will leave you wondering why, as one kid says, violence doesn't break out in schools more often."
Kirkus Reviews

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paperback | Putnam | 2005 | ISBN: 9780399153235