Robert B. Parker

Robert B. Parker's résumé is familiar to most of his readers. Born and raised in Massachusetts, graduated from Colby College in Maine, married Joan Hall, had two sons, earned his Ph.D. at Boston University, taught at Northeastern University, and wrote nearly seventy books.

There are other factoids about him that are less well known. Bob's talent for rhythm was first put to work when the U.S. Army sent him to Korea as a Morse code radio operator. He always wanted to be a writer, but he needed a steady income to support his young wife and, later, his sons. Bob was hired as a technical writer first for Raytheon and then for Curtiss-Wright, which soon laid him off. He next worked as editor of a magazine for Prudential insurance agents and freelanced as a partner in Parker/Farman, the "world's smallest advertising agency."

Robert B. ParkerUnable to take any more of corporate America, and with no interest in advertising, Bob returned to school. The plan was to earn a doctorate, get a job teaching, and have the time to start writing seriously. While going to school, he held down as many as five college teaching jobs at once, often took care of his sons, and did odd jobs for a consulting company. Fortunately for the family, Joan had a job in education that paid well.

The plan worked, and as a teacher at Northeastern University, Bob found the time to write. He was one of four authors of an anthology textbook, The Personal Response to Literature, published in 1971. Two years later, the first Spenser novel, The Godwulf Manuscript, appeared.

Bob was renowned for his Spenser novels, featuring the wise-cracking, street-smart Boston private-eye, which earned him a devoted following and reams of critical acclaim. He also launched two other bestselling series featuring, respectively, Massachusetts police chief Jesse Stone and Boston private detective Sunny Randall. In addition, he authored four Westerns. Bob's bestselling Western novel Appaloosa was made into a major motion picture by New Line, starred Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen, and was a box office hit in 2008. Long acknowledged as the dean of American crime fiction, he was named Grand Master of the Edgar Awards in 2002 by the Mystery Writers of America, an honor shared with earlier masters such as Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen.

Books By Robert B. Parker

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Painted Ladies
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Looking for Rachel Wallace
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The Professional
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Night and Day
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The Judas Goat
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The Godwulf Manuscript
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The Widening Gyre
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Paper Doll
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Stone Cold
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Pale Kings and Princes
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Rough Weather
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Taming a Seahorse
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Sudden Mischief
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Thin Air
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Promised Land
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Stranger in Paradise
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Now and Then
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Edenville Owls
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High Profile
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Hundred-Dollar Baby
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Spare Change
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Sea Change
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Blue Screen
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School Days
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Double Play
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Cold Service
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Bad Business
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Back Story
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Widow's Walk
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Shrink Rap
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Mortal Stakes
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Death in Paradise
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Perish Twice
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Hugger Mugger
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Hush Money
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Trouble in Paradise
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Family Honor
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Small Vices
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Night Passage
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Walking Shadow
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A Savage Place
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Double Deuce
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Crimson Joy
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A Catskill Eagle
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Early Autumn
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God Save the Child
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Gunman's Rhapsody
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Chasing the Bear
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Love and Glory
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Melancholy Baby
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Perchance to Dream
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The Boxer and the Spy
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