Melancholy Baby

by Robert B. Parker

A Sunny Randall Novel

When Sunny Randall helps a young woman locate her birth parents, she uncovers the dark truth about her own past.


"Excellent...Sunny's own regulars hold their own in the tale. There's little here that Parker hasn't done before, but he does it so well here, with his impeccable prose and charismatic heroine, that fans will tremble with delight."
Publishers Weekly

"Parker can spin a tale with the best of them—most of the time, he is the best of them—...he riffs smoothly off Sunny's blue mood."
The New York Times Book Review

"A Boston private eye who is both tough and literate and very, very witty and who has both a female shrink and a really mean muscle guy in the background—if this were a parlor game, the answer would instantly appear to be "Spenser."...a fun series...Parker's gift for plot construction quickly comes to the fore, delivering a tantalizing mix of standard mystery fare (threats, murders, suspense) and some intriguing shards from the characters' pasts...teasing...riveting."

"In his fourth Sunny Randall novel, Grand Master Parker, as always, leavens his story with sly wit while relying on dialog to advance the plot and develop character."
Library Journal

"Melancholy Baby is Robert B. Parker's fourth Sunny Randall novel, and like Sunny, it's a peach. In his Spenser novels and elsewhere, Parker has always been good with troubled-family dynamics—he's a kind of Ross McDonald with humor and wit—and especially with lost, bratty kids who seem hopeless but aren't...Randall herself is full of surprises."
The Washington Post Book World

"The perfect companion...Parker, as usual, is the master of his plot."
Orlando Sentinel

"Author Parker is aces."
The Santa Fe New Mexican

"Parker is always interesting. His characters sparkle, the chatter scintillates, and Randall's getting to the end of the mystery is more than half the fan."
The Plain Dealer

"His publisher calls him the "Dean of American Crime Fiction." The Mystery Writers of America dubbed him "Grand Master"—an honor shared with Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen. His fans simply call him "the best."
The Barnstable Patriot

"Some of Robert B. Parker's most distinctive novels over the years (God Save The Child, Early Autumn, Ceremony, etc.) have centered on young people in trouble, so his return to that theme in Melancholy Baby is hardly a surprise. What's more remarkable is how deftly he uses the case of an angry, confused college student searching for the facts about her family background as a means to pry open the...psyche of Boston private eye Sonya "Sunny" Randall, a character at serious risk of one day outshining Parker's better-known but less reflective gumshoe,'s hard not to be charmed by a novel that's as willing as Melancholy Baby is to knock the pins out from under its protagonist, and see where the angst falls."

"Melancholy Baby is one of the author's best works with its stark prose, eccentric cast and a climax it is impossible not to love."

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paperback | John Murray | 2004 | ISBN: 9780719562983